The Your LMM Story Project is live!

Please share the story of how you discovered L.M. Montgomery’s world and how it has affected your life for our current project! Share your story at .
The Your LMM Story Project/The World of L.M. Montgomery
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@yourlmmstory Leaders

Today on The L.M. Montgomery Institute Blog, find me introducing my co-project leader for the #yourlmmstory project in anticipation of her keynote at this year’s L.M. Montgomery conference! I’m scheduled to present at the conference, too! Details forthcoming. For now, go visit to read the blog post!

Latest News – #yourlmmstory

Based on my presentation at the 2018 conference L.M. Montgomery and Reading, my colleague Kate Scarth and I are building a website to collect people’s stories about how they discovered L.M. Montgomery’s world! The website isn’t live yet, but follow us on Insta, FB, or Twitter @yourlmmstory to get all the updates! #yourlmmstory