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Though not as active on Bookstagram these days, Frever’s events, hashtags, and profile are still actively followed and in use.

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#soothingbooksforstressfultimes #fourweeksofwodehouse
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A Word from Trinna: “As a Bookstagrammer, I embrace both beautiful book photography and strong literary content to reflect and promote the reader-writer lifestyle. I strive to create a page that is both engaging and soothing. As a strong believer in book access for all, when I’m active on the page, I host frequent international giveaways to share the bookish love. @trinna_writes represents my eclectic reading, writing, and scholarly interests, featuring:

  • Traditional Classics
  • Lesser-Known Classics
  • Multicultural Literature of the Americas
  • Contemporary Book Group Reads
  • Middle Grade Fiction
  • Picture Books
  • Humor
  • Favorite Fandoms (Dark Crystal, L.M.Montgomery, Harry Potter, etc.)
  • An Emphasis on Women Authors

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Beastlies sculptures by Leslie Levings. Peacock sculpture by Dan Ostermiller, Society of the Four Arts Scuplture Garden.
All photos by Trinna.