To contact Trinna about any of her academic or creative work, please email .

Creative Writing

Trinna will soon be seeking new representation for her children’s book writing. If you’re an interested and reputable agent or editor, please review Trinna’s projects and contact Trinna at .

Social Media

Not as active on Bookstagram these days, but still around @trinna_writes

Creator of #lmmontgomerymonday
#fourweekswithwodehouse #booksIlikethatyoumightnotknow #soothingbooksforstressfultimes

Academic Work

Frever recently presented at the IAFA conference and is working on a range of sci-fi and fantasy projects. Contact for more details.

Frever has a number of recent projects and publications on L.M. Montgomery. Specific links forthcoming, but until then, have a browse around yourlmmstory