Academic Bio

Trinna S. Frever graduated cum laude from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a bachelor’s degree in two fields (English and Psychology) before earning Master’s and doctoral degrees in English from Michigan State University. She began as a Victorianist, then changed her focus to multicultural literature of the Americas 1850 – 2000, ultimately specializing in American literature 1880 – 1920, with particular interest in women writers. She has a strong preparation in literary theory, including trans-Atlantic and post-colonial approaches to fiction and interdisciplinary study.

Her dissertation, “The Woman Writer and The Spoken Word: Gender, Print, Orality, and Selected Turn-of-the-Century American Women’s Literature,” explores how a set of women regionalists writing from 1880 – 1920 in the U.S. used oral storytelling in their print fiction to reformulate the our concept of writing and its gendered associations.

Frever taught full-time at the University of Michigan (among other places) and guest taught at the University of Prince Edward Island before earning a full tenured professorship at Palm Beach State College. She left academic life (yes, she left a tenured job by choice) to pursue a longstanding dream to write fiction. She continues her research as an independent scholar.