Creative Writing

Trinna’s imagination is filled with land creatures and sea creatures, wind and sky, and to borrow a phrase from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, “gadgets and gizmos aplenty.” She writes fantasy fiction for a middle-grade audience, as well as the occasional YA novel or short story for adults. She once had a job where she carried tarantulas, boa constrictors, macaw parrots, and giant Brazilian toads around elementary school classrooms for educational purposes. It’s still one of the best jobs she’s ever had. Dr. Frever grew up in Michigan and now lives in Florida, always keeping close to the water. She suspects she may be part mermaid.

Read about her journey to becoming a writer here .

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The One that’s YA

(Photo by Trinna, Penguin Clothbound Book and Octopus Sculpture)

Young Adult Fiction

Introverted heroine flees her dystopian upbringing and finds her voice as she travels through space. And water.

Status: Completed Manuscript

The One with the Aviators

(Photo by Trinna, Barnes and Noble Collectible Editions and Frog by Karen Dorweiler)

Middle Grade Fiction

An aviation-obsessed protagonist lands in a fantastical world where everyone shares her love of the sky, until the day the sky turns foul.

Status: Completed Manuscript

The One with the Book and Garden

(Photo by Trinna, Luxembourg Gardens in Paris)

Middle Grade Fiction

A readerly protagonist (yeah, that’s a theme with me) in a manor house mystery with a twist. I call it a “twystery!”

Status: Completed Manuscript Undergoing Plot Revisions

The One with the Odd Princesses

(Photo by Trinna, Barnes & Noble Collectible Edition and Lion Sculpture by Lindy Longhurst)

Middle Grade Fiction

A fairytale-style fantasy with a pair of odd heroines! Can they find the witch and break the curse that binds them?

Status: In Progress

The One with the Circus Aliens

(Photo by Trinna, Book by Dr. Seuss (not affiliated) and Sculpture by Valency Genis)

Middle Grade Fiction

Alien circus performers. Or former circus performers. Did I mention they’re also renegade secret agents with a plan to undermine the greatest evil in all the galaxies?

Status: In Progress

Ideas Brewing…

A retelling of a classic novel from the perspective of a lesser character.
A middle grade novel where people jump into books…sort of.
A picture book biography of an almost-forgotten music influencer.
A YA graphic novel with a nerdy superheroine, trees, and wolves.
A YA forest fantasy featuring unrequited love and curmudgeonly mentors.
A middle grade novel about a girl obsessed with music, looking for the secret to life in song.